Thursday, May 10, 2012

I've said it once and I'll say it again, we've got some pretty soily company (Macca)

I mentioned in a whanau email that one of our number has made the cover of the Australian Woman's Weekly. It's a message worth repeating right!

Jeanette Thomas (a.k.a Jeanette Harnish, a.k.a Jynette) is first and foremost a whanau member but she is also a media darling and she's a star! Actually she always has been and she certainly deserves all the success and media exposure that comes her way. Nu Zilders know her from the TV consumer watchdog programme Target and now she has taken over a role on TV One's Good Morning show -

I bought the Aussie Women's Weekly (Jynette's in great company - the only other times I've bought it is if a Beatle has been on the cover) and very proudly read the story of her rise to fame and glory. Of course, it only showed one side of her. It missed the sparkly fun, cheeky wit and personality of the real thing but there you go. Media PR can do that to you. It also glossed over the Macleans College portion of her story - not that I was looking for a mention or anything yunnerstand.

Although, if I was still teaching media studies at that great school I would have a nifty example of how the media feeds upon itself. I could even invite Jynny along to discuss it!

Latest Waffle news:

He continues to act more as a puppy dog following us all over the property and he is very inquisitive as you can see. He especially enjoys helping me in the garden and loves it when I dig a hole to plant Aggys - provides him with endless fun falling into the hole and chasing bits of dirt around (which brings us neatly back to the title).

Bazil, of course, remains totally unimpressed.

The five applicants for alpha male at our place.

Love and peace - Wozza

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