Tuesday, July 10, 2012

These vagabond shoes they are longing to stray (Frank Sinatra)

Many of my Cognition Education friends in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi have come to the end of the contract line and will be winging their way to new locations in the next week. Some are returning to Nu Zild and others are on holidays or making their way to new jobs in new countries.

Io commemorate/celebrate my time working with them I thought I'd head into the archives for this post and dust off some snaps of some happy times in the sandpit. You may wish to check out more of this celebration on a companion post on http://www.baggytrewsers.blogspot.com/
Margie, SWMBO and Louise

Nola with Wozza

Graysy and me at a prefects' meeting

Brain (Minister of Defence) joins me and
Mohammed the librarian at a school BBQ

My 'son' Hamad

Khamis, Hishy, Hassan and Samir

Jan shares a joke

and shows off her jewellery

With my buddy Abdulla 
Love and peace - Wozza

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