Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life is good, with love it's better (Train)

We had a partial reunion of the clan this weekend just past. Samantha came up from Wellington, Jade from Palmerston North and Adam (with Ashley) from Auckland. Keegan has just started a new job at TV 3 and sadly couldn't complete the picture.

Fanfa is off to San Francisco for a few months next week to reunite with Jesse; Adam and Ashley head to Japan for a year next month, so it was a chance, when all the work schedules finally cleared, to catch up and say safe journeys to each other.

Adam, Jade, Fanfa, SWMBO and me

The news of Ali and Sully's new baby filtered through via Facebook. Congratulations to team O'Sullivan!!

Love and peace - Wozza

P.S. Graham Nugent Purdy's birthday on the 26th. Jacky and I went to a place he would have loved for a lunch to remember him. It's a lovingly restored cafe in Otane. A Diana Krall CD was even playing as we had lunch. Only us and some passing trade. Felt kinda special.

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