Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I thank the Lord for the people I have found (Reg Dwight)

Where are we now? You ask.

SWMBO and I have just returned from our trip across the north island from Hawke's Bay to Taranaki. Otane to New Plymouth actually.

Along the way we stopped off to check out what DLG (a.k.a. Jade) was up to in Palmerston North before setting up camp with the outlaws in New Plymouth (Mabelle and Gavey babe).

We found time to also enjoy the company of other whanau members during our tour of the central provinces (Raewyn, Paul and Jacoba). We intended to call in on Eric and Jeanette in Stratford until Eric rang me and asked why we weren't home! They were in Otane while we were in Nu Plimff. Crazy. We also wanted to catch up with Graysy and Jansy in Palmy but ran out of time on't way home.

Like Elton in the song quoted above (Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters) I have found some great people.

Nu Plimff was resplendent in sun and blue skies. While I was there Mabelle introduced me to Vinyl Countdown. Great store for cheap (and good) vinyl as well as CDs T shirts and more.

I came away with four albums and two CDs for 22 bucks. Score!

1972/1973 are my coming of age rock and roll years. They continue to have such a solid hold on me. A check of my purchases showed that three of the six items came out in those stellar years: The Guess Who - Artificial Paradise (vinyl); American Flyer (vinyl); and Gentle Giant - Octopus (CD).

I snapped up the American Flyer album for $2. Fantastic. When I picked up the sleeve from the rack I noticed a sticker on the front cover indicating where the album was originally bought in 1972. My first thought was 'What wally puts their business sticker on the front cover of an album??'

Then I took a closer look. It read 'Smiths Radio and TV Ltd' (sic). Under that sober title it listed what the store belonging to Smith sold: Hi Fi - Colour TV - Video - Records - Tapes.

Hmm I thought. Nu Plimff. Smith. TVs etc.

My father-in-law is, as you'll all no doubt recall, Brian Smith. The Smith family had owned a radio and TV shop in NP for many years, including the pivotal seminal 1972. Could this be a long lost artifact from Brian's long ago emporium?

It could, and it was (confirmed by SWMBO and Mabelle who both recognised the silver sticker) and I felt quite chuft.

Funny ole world innit?

Love and peace - Wozza

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