Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To hear much, pick out the good and follow it; to see much and think it over; this comes next to wisdom (Confucius)

Time and place are weird things, are they not.

One day we are riding our non electric bicycles to the Wuxi ecological park in a brisk 7 degrees to wander through a sea of bamboo and gardens, then a few days later we are strolling along a beach on Waiheke Island in 28 degrees admiring the hibiscus and the fading pohutakawa blossoms (we are staying with SWMBO's dad and his friend Florine before heading to the provinces).

Funny how fast the body adapts too. Layers and warmth have been replaced by sun hats, shorts and t shirts. Our only difficulty has been (not) sleeping through humid hot sticky nights. Windows closed because of the Wuxi cold have been replaced by windows closed because of the Waiheke mosquito brigades.

A few stark contrasts, apart from the obvious summer replacing winter, are bound to be present as we adjust to NZ again.

Car horns have been replaced by the swoosh of waves and birdsong (no sighting of tuis yet though), pedestrian savvy slow cars and traffic in China have been replaced by fast reckless drivers on Waiheke (even if they use their indicators), slim people have been replaced by the overweight, being regarded with amusement (crazy foreigners) has gone because we now merge with the other crazy foreigners, food market shelves have far less mystery, recycling at the gate has replaced people combing the garbage for cardboard, plastics and bottles in the car park, the number of smokers has dramatically reduced (they look so sad and pathetic here - skulkers in the shadows).

And, of course, some things are constant: everyone has a cell phone glued to their heads.

Love and peace - Wozza

P.S. So good being back on the fantastic blogger site.    

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