Friday, April 12, 2013

And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed (America)

Wozza's world has been gearing up for Samantha's wedding of late. Jade has flown to San Francisco already and the rest of us head there in the next week or so. Happy day is on the 27th April.

We've been looking after Jade's pooch Tango (hence the lift from Muskrat Love for the title) while she's been in America and untangling Tango - every day he manages to get himself in some bizarre tangles involving his lead and the fences around his dog house. Amazingly he does not seem to learn from his mistakes so every day SWMBO has been trying to out think him. What will Tango do next? has become a private game involving the two of them. So far Tango's ahead on points.

I have been at work all week - my last week of relief teaching at Woodford House before I start there permanently as Head of English next term.

What a fantastic school and a fantastic place to work. I am very lucky.

We had Shakespeare Day at school yesterday and so the staff and a lot of the students dressed up in period costumes. Including me - I'm pictured (far right) with the rest of the English staff.

During the day I left my keys in a computer room. They were found by some girls and handed to the DP (also in the English Dept and pictured third from left). The girls said they were Mr Purdy's.

When Catherine (the DP) asked the girls how they knew that, they said, " Because they smell like him". Whaaaaat? I'm hoping it's my after shave but who knows.

Next posting comes from San Francisco inshallah.

Love and peace - Wozza

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