Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love is all you need (The Beatles)

Jacky, Jade, Keegan and I returned to New Zealand a couple of days ago from San Francisco. Adam and Ashley return to Japan from San Francisco soon, the in laws return to Nu Zild during the next week.

We've all been there, as the blogosphere whanau knows, to celebrate Samantha and Jesse's wedding.

Basically - WOW!!

Wow for the wedding (SWMBO called it the best wedding she'd ever been to), wow for the great welcome and love from Jesse's families, wow for Keegan's dancing expertise, wow for Jade's maid of honour speech, wow for how good the Purdy whanau looked, wow for the Kennedy and Rowbotham homes, wow for Amoeba Records, wow for the San Francisco Giants and the Golden State Warriors, wow for Green Apple Books, wow for Mt Tamalpais, wow for Fred's and wow for Bill's diner, wow for the San Francisco metro service and the San Francisco Zoo, wow for Haight Street and the Golden Gate Bridge, wow for Alcatraz and last but by no means least, a big wow for the entire city of San Francisco.

We loved it all, and each deserve their own post which is what will follow in the week to come, inshallah.

Of course the ultimate moment for me was walking Samantha down the aisle and handing her over to Jesse. Both looked suitably stunning and blow me down if something didn't get into my eye during the ceremony.

As I sat and watched (father of the groom) Mike deliver his superb wedding ceremony words I thought about how important love and family always is.

Naturally I thought of my mother and my father, Samantha's grandparents, and I knew how proud they would have been to see Samantha standing there all grown up. Dad got to know all of his grandchildren but I am still sad to think that they never got to meet my mother. And I ached and missed them and was happy and proud all in a contrary mess of emotions.

The overarching emotion was a deep happiness that we could all be together in one place, if just for a few days, to share in Samantha and Jesse's joy.

Love and peace - Wozza (father of the bride)

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