Friday, May 16, 2014

You'll be OK, follow your heart (New Radicals)

Tango, Dookie, Rocky and Bazil with some humans
My school has a maxim which springs to mind as I write this post: challenge the future, embrace the present, cherish the past.

We always live in the present so this post is about cherishing the past week!

This was the week when Samantha and Jesse surprised us with a dash home from San Francisco last Sunday for SWMBO's mothers' day and Jade's graduation on Thursday. Fanfa also celebrated her 25th birthday on Friday. Quite a week.

Wozza, SWMBO, Jade and Fanfa by Jesse
Fanfa and Jesse joined with us and Keegan for the big graduation celebration on Thursday and we had the added bonus of meeting Jade's new young man - welcome to the whanau William!

Adam is, of course, living in Japan so he and Ashleigh were absent, along with Diya (Keegan's young lady who is in China at present). We never seem to be able to get the whole whanau together outside of a wedding but this was a pretty good attempt.

Love and peace - Wozza

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