Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fill my head with the future, fill my eyes with the sky (Jake Bugg)

The euphoria of the Arsenal F.A. Cup victory and Rochdale F.C.s promotion to League 1 is still clinging to me. It was an agonising wait but the weight has lifted.

In other football news my girls' team (the second XI) at school is on a streak - three wins on the bounce. That's pretty remarkable given that about half the team has never played football before.

My junior debating team also had a win last week against our local rivals (our Spurs if you will - yes, we're the mighty gunners). It was their first debate and for two girls their first debate ever. Amazing.

All this and the World Cup is gearing up in Brazil! Bliss.

I'm hoping it's a huge success and that it doesn't go according to script. You know the drill - England under perform and implode; Ronaldo cries when Portugal get knocked out; Spain Germany and Brazil fight for the final honours.

It would be great if our ANZAC brothers, the Aussie battlers, ruffle a few feathers and an unheralded team manage some upsets. 

I can't wait. Every four years!! Reminds me - I'd better pick up a magazine tomorrow with the draw and posters for my classroom.

Love and peace - a happy Wozza

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