Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's a marvelous night for a moondance (Van Morrison)

Welcome to Jade's travel diary via emails to her SWMBO and moi Part Two:

I was so naive about altitude sickness. Stupidly naive. Headache, nausea and fatigue coming at me from all directions. William seems to be having the occasional headache and fatigue but all and all fine....typical.

Coca tea (which everyone says doesn't work...hipsters most probably) seems to help, especially nausea. It tastes just like green tea.

I did my research on Diamox and realised the stupid travel lady steered me in the wrong direction. I'm now taking Medsafe's recommended dose and feeling better for it. I've also never consumed so much water in my life. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be acclimatized and can walk up the hill to Santa Teresa.

Our hotel is lovely and our bed complete with no less than 5 blankets. The staff know rehearsed English but anything more I get a blank look. I asked for milk and ended up mooing. On the plus side we found a supermarket which means MILO glorious milo! It's all I've wanted since I've been in Peru. They don't have English breakfast here and I was starting to miss my hot drinks.

We visited Qoriqancha today. It was the temple of the sun god in Inca times but most of it was demolished in the 1500's and Santo Domingo was built on top. They still have original Inca parts and the building is HUGE. A lot of the time I feel mad that once colonised the Incan temples and religions were demolished. Then again the Inca's did it to the Hauri and so on. Humans can be cruel.

We also walked around the square where I stupidly asked how much a scarf was. Rookie error.

Oh one more thing! Last night we found ourselves amongst a protest. Trumpets, drums, fire and a lot of yelling and singing. I'll attach a picture or two. I asked the receptionist what was going on and she replied "election". I wish I knew Spanish.

Jade and William are off exploring the route to Machu Picchu right now. More bulletins when I get em.

Love and peace - Abu Keegan

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