Friday, April 29, 2016

My mind holds this world in its hands (The Staple Singers)

Guest blogger Jade Purdy continues her trip through Peru:
We went to the Santa Catalina Monastery yesterday which was beautiful. It sits on approx 50 acres with 80 'cells' (units) where nuns used to and still do live. A lot of the information around was about a nun called Ana de los Angeles Monteagudo. According to the information there she performed many miracles, had many visions and even fought the devil who presented himself to her. 
We went into her 'cell' which had a lot of her belongings within it including a whip that had approximately 6 barbed plates and this weird barbed wire mat thing. William and I were speechless. We'd earlier read that she would "mortify her body" I hadn't really understood what that meant until seeing those objects. I really don't understand the chastising or mortifying ones body in the name of religion. I wouldn't be cut out for the 1600s sisterhood.
We then went and sat in the Plaza which again is stunning surrounded by cathedrals and cobbled roads. There were a lot of pigeons there which was a welcome treat. You can buy seed (tupence a bag) which a little kid had done. How kind you'd think. A boy of about 9 buying seed to feed the birds...bless. No. He was luring the pigeons in and then trying to stomp on them. He managed to lure one bird in who he pounced on and started pulling its wings. I couldn't help myself and I rushed over and told him off. The father said "he's just feeding" to which I angrily told him no he's hurting him. This luckily shocked the kid enough to stop stomping and pulling and the dad kept a closer eye. Stupid kid.
Love and peace - Jade's dad

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