Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Got to try to find a way (Led Zeppelin)

Literally, a rose between two Purdys - Graham Purdy, right.
Four things my dad never told me

#1 Dad never told me to be loyal

Loyalty is part of my DNA. My parents displayed loyalty on a daily basis. My mum and dad were super tight. My dad stayed with the one company for all the years of his working life after I was born. He retired early from Burroughs Wellcome but not before going through all sorts of moves over under sideways down (to quote The Yardbirds). He remained loyal to them, throughout it all.

#2 Dad never told me to be honest

In June of 1975, when I was 16, I stole something that didn't belong to me. There was no 'talking to', he made me keep the item (I still have it) and I have not stolen anything since. I felt deeply ashamed that I'd let myself and the most honest man alive down. I won't ever forget that feeling.

#3 Dad never told me that I should honour my mother

Growing up, I couldn't connect with my dad's mother and I told him in an immature way that I hated having to go to see her every Saturday morning with him. He simply let me know that it was his mother. He didn't tell me that I should also honour her but I could tell by his example that I should. 

#4 Dad never told me to be a stickler

Values are tricky. They peel off your parents and worm their way into your psyche. My dad was the quiet, steady sort and his values found their way into my core in many ways. I can't help but be a stickler.

(This post was inspired by Dan Rockwell's post celebrating Fathers' Day in UK and US - thanks for the call Samantha!)

Love and peace (miss you dad) - Warren

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