Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Storm's coming up Ani (Jira)

View south-west towards Maungaturoto
The much anticipated return of nature watch

Part 1 - Outside now: Roch-dene has been a little battered of late by rain, wind and frosts.

The ground is boggy and the horses are unamused by puddles, especially Grace (they are definitely enjoying the new yards as their overnight stay out of the water).

But the sun peeked through recently for a few days, and the blossom outside the ART room was another hopeful sign that winter is in retreat.

Sunset on the Brynderwyns from the front porch

Beetlebaum and Gracie - nice and dry

A new hope
Love and peace - Wozza

Sidebar: Week 23 book 27 Let's Go Crazy - Prince and the making of Purple Rain (Alan Light). 

To celebrate, I rewatched the film again and, apart from one or two laugh out loud bits, both the film and the music stands up pretty damn well after 30 plus years. 

At any rate, it's way better than Under The Cherry Moon which is absolute drivel!

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