Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Does she walk? Does she talk? Does she come complete? (J Geil's Band)

This post by Seth Godin is super scary.

First, here's the post...

An audience of one

More than ever, people, lots of people, hordes of anonymous people, can watch what you do.
They can see your photos, like your posts, friend your digital avatar.
An essentially infinite collection of strangers are in the audience, scoring you, ranking you, deciding whether or not you're succeeding.
If you let them.
The alternative is to focus on the audience you care about, interacting with the person who matters to you. Your audience, your choice. One person, ten people, the people who need you.
Everyone else is merely a bystander. 
What's scary? Everything.
The realisation that I'm being watched. That this is increasing. That I choose to be watched via this blog. That it's essentially infinite. That I'm judged. At all times. That the alternative means walking away from digital platforms. That Seth is right. That there are people who need me. Who are they? Am I embracing them? Why? Why not?
And now, today's post..............................................................
I love this photo.

Why do I love it so?

It feels real, and yet she's posing, right? The coffee table looks right - the angle of the paper (she's a writer); the cord to the right, sockets above the pictures, and dinged skirting board to the left are left in the picture. 

Pose is leaning and direct. She's at work, yet she's a girl interrupted. A super girl. But she wouldn't actually work on her tele-play on this couch. Half annoyed smile, half smug smile. Enigmatic.

The couch itself is a beautiful rich blue. Solid. Yet spungee. Not comfortable, but looks comfortable.

Pictures on the wall are a weird mix. She writes for Supergirl. But those others? Depth! Or maybe not. Is she a girl angel?

And, there's an elephant in the room! Love it!

Love, peace, embracing hug - Wozza.

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