Sunday, August 13, 2017

My theory is 98 percent of all human endeavor is killing time (Jerry Seinfeld)

I came into close contact with Jerry World last week. 

I had some time to kill and Jerry was all around me.

Jerry reckons that there are only two parts to his world - 'sucks' and 'great'. And actually, as he points out, they are pretty close.

Certainly, I didn't do my best work last week. Had to let that go. 

Because the weekend was great, so let's focus on that. 

It started off well with signing up to Bein Sports (via Sky TV) just in time to watch the thrilling second half of Arsenal's 4-3 win over Leicester.

Pootling off to pick up DLG at Auckland Airport we saw an accident's aftermath just before Te Hana. That sucked.

Spark Arena in Auckland was buzzing for Jerry (the air was electric that night my friends).

The warm up comedian was good. But Jerry was GREAT. An hour and a half of continuous laughter. Joy to the world!

Jade and I polished off a couple of donuts on the way back to the hotel where SWMBO had settled in and we all awoke refreshed.

Small things like Jade's flight being delayed for a few hours just meant a more leisurely Sunday morning. It all evens out for me.

Next big adventure - Macca on December 16. Ooh baby!!

Love and peace - Wozza

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