Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The winner takes it all, the loser standing small (ABBA)

Wie geht's?

Whimper. Whimper.

That's the sound of me watching Arsenal capitulate to Atlético Madrid recently (second leg of Europa Cup semi-final). It also describes the craven way The Arsenal played.

Following and supporting a football team can drive you mad. Rochdale F.C. have teased their fans (me included) all season and flirted with disaster, only to pull off a remarkable escape.

Arsenal F.C. have just teased me all season.

Comprehensively, that second Europa semi summed up this wretched season. There were few highlights. Actually I can only recall one - the first game against Spurs (Nov 19, 2017) when the team fired like Liverpool and Manchester City did this season on a regular basis. 

Losing if you play well is honourable. Losing when you give everything you have and get outplayed by your opposition is also admirable.

Losing when you are playing badly, get outplayed, and don't give a damn is what happened in too many games this season.

Things were redeemed slightly by the classy send off for 
Arsène Wenger - our longest serving and most successful manager (in terms of winning major titles)

Since 1996, he did the business and gave everything he had to give. Can't ask for more than that.

Pity the players couldn't deliver the same during that Europa semi-final. I'll shut up now.

Wozza (Frustrated gooner from Nu Zild)

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