Sunday, May 13, 2018

We were talking, about the space between us all (George Harrison)

View from the ART room doorway

Wie geht's?

Well - actually, we were talking about the Buddhist concept of duhkha (doo-kar) - dissatisfaction or craving.

If you require a primer, I've written about the concept a few times in the past, like here and here.

It's hard talking about this with Jacky. We have different views.

My aim is to be aware of my reality, rather than thirst for another reality. When I do, I need to be aware of the craving, acknowledge it, and aim to move beyond it. Easier said than done.

SWMBO feels that's wrong - that impatience should be accepted/ embraced for what it is - a craving that pushes us and provides forward momentum along our pathway.

It's an interesting contrast of approaches.

Steve Hagen (in Buddhism  Plain and Simple) gives his view:
In ignoring this - our actual experience - the mind no longer rests quietly in Wholeness, but begins to lean. The Buddha called this "disposition of mind," or intention. This forms the second link on the chain. Any actions that come out of such a mind are willed. 
We routinely act out of intent, out of a leaning mind. Nature, acting out of the Whole, does not. We commonly see things "out there" and go after them. Our mind is thus characterised by division and separation. 
Simply put, willed action is radically different that unwilled, or natural action.
Loads to think about here!

Trust the maple leaf, is my parting thought.

Love and peace - Wozza

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