Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dry your eyes Sunday girl (Blondie)

Life can gain a kind of predictability and routine after a while.

Sundays for me, these days, are about getting up to go to the Otane farmer's market in the morning to get some fresh bread and veggies, then marking student work and planning the week's classes in the afternoon.

I love routine!

Many years ago Sundays were also about watching Match Of The Day on TV. It was the only way we ever saw the English Football games from the previous week. In those days, England was not only on the opposite side of the planet, it was also in another dimension. The bright NZ summer sun would shine on my TV screen, often fading the colour to buggery, but we'd have some football.

Then satellite TV came along and Marshall McLuhan was right - we became a global village and wonder of wonders, Sky showed all the games live whenever they were on (often at ungodly hours - Sky couldn't fix the time/other side of the planet thingy).

Nirvana! England not only became a lot closer but also seemed to be (almost) in the same dimension.

Now, in NZ, Sky has lost the rights to broadcast premier league games. Instead, they are available for a fee on the interweb, but I'm not signing up to watch games on my computer. No way Jose (Mourinho).

It's not all dire news.

TV ONE has secured one game to play - you guessed it - on Sunday afternoons.

Yesterday it was MUFC destroying Swansea. The news elsewhere was that Arsenal had lost at home to Aston Villa.

Suddenly it seemed like I was back in the turgid late seventies again, in another dimension. Luckily the rain was persisting down - about the only saving grace.

At home. To Aston Villa. Aston Villa who were fighting relegation last season.

What was that I was saying about predictability?

Love and peace - Wozza

P.S. Whanau member JSJ sent me this snap from school. The news had come through that Wenger hadn't bought any new players for the new season.

Don't ask about the cow! I don't think I dreamed this...

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