Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update 35

I've finally seen a couple of films that are worth talking about/sharing. The two films are thrown into stark contrast (pardon the pun) by watching IRONMAN and being really disappointed with it. I was a huge comic book reader in my youth - favs Spiderman, Tarzan, The Fantastic Four, Sgt Rock, Thor, and Ironman and I have expectations that I'll enjoy the movies as well. Ironman is about Tony Stark who has no superhuman powers, merely a fertle imagination/brain. In the comics his suit was always having a last minute glitch and he had to muddle his way through. No mystery why I identified with him huh. The movie was junk (and yes I'm not expecting high art but is a decent story too much to ask?). Instead we get the usual computer generated images and yadda yadda yadda. So as a reaction I rented ONCE and THIS IS ENGLAND. I loved them both for making me think. Once entertained me with an unusual plotline - no romance here but some depth of relationship and some great great music. It's a likely Dumbo movie. This Is England has lingered long after the experience of watching it. About a 12 year old who is befriended by some harmless skinheads and then some dangerous white supremists - it has a wide range of emotions and the ending gives me hope! Not easy to watch at times but an important film. Here endeth the film reviews.

Finally - photo time and some more oldies but goldies - these are all Leigh-on-sea era photos. Starting with the semi-detached we rented in Victoria Rd. A 2 minute walk from the sea (the Thames estuary) in one direction and the high street (the Broadway)in the other.
These next few are from the aforementioned two minute walk to the seafront:

and the old leigh fishing village:

Love and peace - W

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