Friday, October 3, 2008

Update 33

My cup runneth over - well the house is certainly full at least. Samantha is staying with three friends from University (John, Mike are both from Vermont and Jesse from San Francisco). They (left to right: Samantha, Jesse, John, Mike) are pictured cooking up bacon/pasta feast But wait there's more - Adam and his gf Jenna are also in situ. Keegan is working so couldn't make the trip down.

The week has gone fast (first of my term break). The birthday was groovy - Adam/Keegan/Jenna gave me a cool CD - Raconteurs newie, Jade baked a cake and gave me a cool Star Wars clock, dad bought me the lastest 24 box set, Jacky provided breakfast in bed/the last Seinfeld DVD set for our collection and some Jaffa Cakes, Michelle/Gavin surprised me with a gigantic chocolate bar and a box of biscuits. Apart from all that I got heaps of messages via phone, email, txt (Nana Pat, Ross, dad, Samantha all called for a chat). Thanks for all of the kind thoughts from everyone!

I've had a great time on the tractor this week - used the back blade to grade the driveway, harrowed all the paddocks a few times - that kind of stuff - very relaxing! Apart from that it's been a trip to the dentist and gardening making up the bulk of the week. And I finally finished Edward Rutherfurd's 'London' - meant I could catch up on some Guardian Weeklys and Mojos. Jacky is pictured with the latest lamb (and cutest so far)

I'm going to load some older photos from the UK for the rest of this post and spare you all from football/music ramblings for a week (mainly cos Arsenal scrapped a draw and Rochdale lost at home).

Jacky crossing Abbey Rd. Adam Jacky on the underground. And me on the underground
In Trafalger Square
In the snow at Leigh-on-sea. Watching the gunners at Old Trafford.

That'll do it fer now - more old stuff next time. Take care in the meantime - Love and peace - W

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