Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update 36

A very brief catch up for you all: It's been a busy busy busy time since my last update, which seems like yonks ago. A long weekend (Labour weekend) has come and gone and school is hectic with final preparations for seniors leaving/external examinations. I needed some physical labour so I decided to build something - photos tell all you need to know. I also moved 4 metres of metal for a new driveway (shucks - twernt nuttin). So now I'm not only mentally exhausted, I'm metally exhausted (oh dear).

I shudda put summit on the deck chair I now realise.

My pergola/pergoda type thing from two angles - pretty nifty huh!

The driveway looking from our front door.

Jacky is also cream crackered - her new job is meaning long hours, but we soldier on. Sports wise I'm guttered by the Arsenal result v Spurs (4 all!!!!!)then another loss (to Stoke) but Rochdale are doing the business at the moment - 2 wins in the last few weeks.

Jade is gearing up for her external exams and I'm gearing up for the next two weeks -prizegiving and farewell events for our senior students. Also coming up (finally) is the US presidential elections and the NZ elections. Next update will hopefully feature Barack Obama as the new Pres. Till then chickens -

Love and peace - W

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