Saturday, July 11, 2009

You're so warm...oh, the ritual...when I lay down your crooked arm...

I've had a cold for the last few days. Maybe it was from refereeing the football last week (we had our first win - a 6-2 mauling of Inglewood High School, who had coincidentally beaten us by the same score back in April), or maybe that haircut the day before the football - hey it's cold enough without losing a protective covering. Who knows - but I have a cold. Jacky has done her damnedest to convince me it's H1N1 and, "Get a swab!". But I'm sticking to my cold theory. She's been working so with that and the cold, I've done quite a few posts on wozza's place and goo goo. I can't think of anything inspirational to write on the principal site so that'll have to wait.
So what have I done of late while laid up? Well, watched movies, listened to records (yes - records), tuned into the Tour de France on TV and fed the horses and Ducky hay when I've felt okay. Ricky Jervais kept me laughing and you can read for the music I've been playing. This post is about formats and two brilliant photos I need to share from the 24 hours in pictures Guardian site - the tiger diving for food and the cute monkey.

A mojo questionnaire asks famous people, among other things, what format they prefer - CD, vinyl, or MP3. Clearly there is something of a generational shift at work, with the general mojo demographic going for vinyl. Clearly I would answer in the same way. And why is that you ask? Well for three reasons;

1) The packaging - yes my eyes are getting worse but the CD packaging is usually pretty bad and always small! MP3's have no packaging so that leaves my beloved vinyl.

2) the two sided format - the restricted nature of vinyl means I don't get bored - each side has a distinctiveness that I love. I like the fact I have to turn the record over and touch the vinyl every once in a while. It's a very tactile format all the way round (pardon the pun) - CD's don't have anything real touch them, just a beam of light. MP3's are even worse - a collection of songs - nothing for me to fall in love with (maybe if I was a mathematician - then I could appreciate all those zeros and ones).

3) the collectability - MP3 has none - it's ether music. You download it and place it in a small functional device. CD's are a necessary evil these days and I can play them in the car but I wouldn't label myself a CD collector. No - it's 'record collector' for me, even though I don't buy that many records anymore. And it's big speakers, amp and turntable please

Three current records from today - side two of the Grateful Dead album Terrapin Station, Grandaddy's Sumday and the late Dan Fogelberg's Souvenirs. La de da, la de da!

Love and peace and sounds - Wozza (oh and this post's title is from Pearl Jam's Spin the black circle - a great song about records)

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