Sunday, July 26, 2009

You say it's yer birthday...

Some snippets from me to you to keep in touch:

There have been a couple of birthdays within the whanau of late - happy birthday to dad in Orewa, New Zealand, and to Irene in Bury, England.

Samantha is about ready to fly off to spend a year in America with Jesse. She's been preparing for this for ages and it's nearly happening!

No lambs yet but daffodils are starting to get ready for a grand opening.

Reading a book at present called 'Three Men In A Float Across England At 15 MPH'. Good to read about places I've been to - starting at Lowestoft, then Bury St Edmunds, Salisbury etc to Land's End. As the three spend a lot of the journey in various pubs it's not that exciting but still...

All Blacks lost to the Springboks. Predictable.

Watched two films on the weekend - 7 Pounds and Valkyrie. Not much chop. Valkyrie is hampered by Tom Cruise's American accent, even when speaking German, and the fatal knowledge that a plot to kill Hitler failed. The box promised action scene's aplenty. Sadly it lied!

Must dash - staff meeting starts in 3 minutes.

Love and peace - Wozza

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