Monday, July 20, 2009

Here we go, here we go, here we go.


Just in case you didn't get that - it's a long drawn out phew (the way an exhale is written).

Why the giant expelling of breath? The football is back!! And, okay, it's just pre-season friendlies at this stage - nevertheless the blogosphere and news world is finally over all the transfer speculation and there is some action for us all to talk about, albeit of the crazy score variety (yes, I know this all sounds desperate). How crazy? Villarreal are a pretty useful Spanish side. They recently played Navata, a third division Spanish side, and eeked out a narrow victory, 27-0!!

Arsenal and Rochdale have also been in action and I'm sure you're keen to know what happened. A draw with Barnet and a loss to Everton are the respective answers. But that's not the point, is it?


Apart from poring over these results - what have I been up to? The usual stuff really that makes up my life, thanks for asking.

That means I've been reading, listening to all sorts of music, feeding a variety of animals, getting anxious about things happening at work, keeping the fire stoked/bringing in the wood, checking to see if any lambs have arrived yet (nope, but any day), talking to Samantha and Keegan on the phone (Adam had nothing to say), taking and picking up Jade from her part time work, blogging, emailing Peter Joyce in China and Christine in Bury, planning our farewell to Samantha - she flies off to America on August 5th, marking English essays and planning stuff for my class to do, drinking copious amounts of tea, thinking about the moon landings that took place 40 years ago, attending tedious meetings, sleeping/snoring (apparently I do snore - shock horror!), watching movies and keeping up with the happenings on Coronation St. It's a full life!

The reading? You know of my quaint addictions (sad devotion?) to The Guardian Weekly and Mojo magazine. Apart from them I've just read Nick Hornby's most recent novel - Slam.

My top three Hornby books in descending order: Fever Pitch, 31 Songs, About A Boy. Only one is a work of fiction. There is no place for How To Be Good, or A Long Way Down, or even High Fidelity. Nor is there one for Slam. Which is not to say I didn't like it, but it won't be breaking into my top three.

It's a book about a teenage boy who gets his teenage girlfriend pregnant. It's well written and I finished it in three (teaching) days so it's reasonably addictive and easy to read. Except I had a nagging feeling throughout, that it wasn't written for me (didn't get that from my top three or How To Be Good or High Fidelity). I kept thinking I was reading it to see if it was okay for the school library. I finished it this morning and gave it to Jade to read. She loved About A Boy so she might like this one too.

Meanwhile - back to the football - I'll be sure to let you all know the result of Arsenal's next warm up game against Hannover 96 (yes - WHO?).

Love and peace and slide tackles - Wozza

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