Saturday, July 18, 2009

Y'know, my python boot is too tight, I couldn't get it off last night. A week went by, an' now it's July.

I've been completely engrossed in blogging on my music blog and have neglected this one for a week! Unheard of. You see I'm 23 posts into a run down of my 49 most significant songs. Why 49? You'll have to read #1 at for the answer.

Not much happening really - second week of the holiday has now passed. I have added a few new blogs to my blogroll though. Dave Barry is a great writer and I came across his blog while searching around the Wired magazine blogs. I got there because of a review of Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Wired editor, Chris Anderson. The review was in The Guardian Weekly's latest issue. Really interesting review. The other blog is about all sorts of cultural artifacts - including this cool comic

Jade and I have recently been discussing the concept of living in the now. #23 on the goo goo blog is about George Harrison's song 'Be Here Now' and co-incidentally some great responses to the question, 'The past goes all the way back. The future goes on for ever. How long is the present?', were in that latest Guardian weekly. I particularly liked this one:
Both "the past" and "the future" are mental constructs. Neither exists outside
the mind. the past is over. the future has not occurred. The present is all there
is and it is infinite. It is always now. It always has been now. It always will
be now.

Right now I am looking out at the grey sky, the ripples on the pond, the wind blowing the trees. I'm half listening to Mark Knopfler's soundtrack to The Princess Bride and Jacky who is talking on the phone to her dad. I'm thinking about what I do next.

Love and peace right now - Wozza

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