Saturday, August 8, 2009

If you're going to San Francisco be sure to wear some daffodils in your hair.

We've had a glorious weekend - the little weather pixie should be wearing sunglasses and sipping lemonade. Spring has really arrived. We have only the one lamb still (called Chunky) but the daffodils are now starting to bloom in earnest and buds are appearing on our trees.

We received our first emails from Samantha in San Francisco - here is an excerpt:
"Yesterday was such a fantastic day! we ended up going for a walk along the
coast to dead man's point before heading into some part of town and getting
authentic mexican burrito's for lunch, which we ate on the grass next to the
exploratorium. I saw Robin William's house, more of Golden Gate park, a flock of
pelicans and some crows. Then we met up with Ian (Jesse's brother) and went rock climbing..well not me, i just watched. But the best part had to be dinner! we
drove across the Golden gate bridge to Marin to Jesse's mum's and WOW Cathy made me a vegetarian stuffed pepper, salad, potato salad and New Zealand wine and the rest of the gang had steak n stuff. we sat outside next to the pool with candles until dark. The owls came out and started hooting every five seconds so we retreated indoors where we all got peach sundaes and sat down to watch the
Giants game. I didn't understand at all, especially when the whole family was
yelling at the screen ??? I'm just chilling...writing emails, listening to
music and watching all the surfers get destroyed by the waves."

Suffice to say we are all desperately jealous of her! She told us about a local second hand book shop that even has LPs. Sounds like heaven to me.

Jade is also busy planning her escape next year to Toshi station to pick up some power converters. Actually it's either Victoria University in Wellington or Massey University in either Palmerston North or Wellington.

I love hearing from all of you out there in Wozza's World. I love getting everyone's emails but must mention PJ's ones in particular. I never know what part of the world Pete is going to email me from. Recent ones detail his experiences teaching English in China and he sounds like he's thoroughly enjoying life. And thanks Michael for the San Francisco music selections.

Many of you out there are Woody fans and will appreciate this message (sent to me by Steph - many thanks Steph!).

Love and peace - W