Friday, August 14, 2009

Hey hey the clouds are whey

Well we now know that Doug (the ram) wasn't firing blanks - Chunky has been joined by eleven other lambs - three sets of twins, triplets and 2 singles so far, with four ewes to go. Actually we've just come inside after discovering the triplets. The last had just been born as we went to check on them and we've put them in our hay barn with the mum. Hopefully she'll care for them all okay. It's been a day of continuous rain but luckily it's not that cold so we're, as I said, hopeful.

It's been a fabuloso weekend football wise - all my teams have won.

My boys' football team had a great 3-2 win over a side from New Plymouth Boys' High on Saturday. We've played that NPBHS team four times this season. The first one saw them beat us, the next one was a 2-2 draw, then a 4-4 draw and now a win!! Apart from being a terrific group of kids, my guys never give in, never surrender!

Arsenal had a great 6 - 1 away win at Everton and Rochdale won at home 1 - 0. Wahoo!!!

Love and peace and waggly tails - Wozza

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