Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's go to San Francisco

We said farewell to Samantha today. She flew off to Fiji first (as I type she is still in the air on her way there). Then she has a short stop over until flying to Los Angeles. From there it's a short flight to San Francisco where Jesse and his family are waiting for her.

We built up to the big day over the last week by watching the Pirates of the Caribbean series which we always associate with Fanfa. The first one (The Curse of the Black Pearl) is a classic and is definitely the best of the three. The second one (Dead Man's Chest) is a bit of a chore then it's back on form for the third (At World's End). It's actually a lot better than I remember it at the movies.

Samantha has done the round of farewells lately - including with Michelle and Gavin. For that one she baked one of her famous lemon meringue pies.

Today we took our last snaps of Fanfa for a while - she'll be back in a year but she's promised to keep us updated and I've commissioned photos of her at a Starbucks in Seattle.

Finally here are the Flower Pot Men doing a cheesy mime to the big hit of the title. Here's to you - San Francisco.

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