Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Red light blinking in the twilight,tracing in a path right out of here and now

Some big news in this week's post - Jacky and I are off to Qatar to work and live in the next few weeks. I've been offered an educational consultancy position there to help train their local Principals and I decided to accept (I can feel those mouths beginning to fall open all over the world).

This, of course, has sent us and Jade into something of a spin as we try to find a house-sitter to join Jade at home until she leaves for Victoria University in February 2010. We have tons to do in the next two weeks - we leave New Zealand at the end of November. We do plan to return at some stage. We intend to keep our fantastic property in Stratford. There is a mixture of excitement and anxiety amid the frantic activity while we get organised.

If you feel so inclined you can keep track of our progress via this blog and the music one. I'll be rebranding the 'From The Principal' blog and deleting 'Shakespeare Society' in due course.

Should make for some interesting posts over the next few months!

Here is a good site to give you some background.

Love and peace - Wozza

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tkdfish66 said...

:( sooo sad your going!! Near iraq???? r u serious?? but i see it is closer to Turkey... i suggest while on your travels to go visit Izmir in Turkey... its an amazing place!!! The markets are great and cheap ...jade will love it!! lol

:) stay smiling!!