Saturday, November 28, 2009

Put your camel to bed

Hey ho. We're in transit (not yet by camel). The last two weeks have been a blur of fevered activity - so many things to do to pack up the house, find tenants, take care of the animals (the emotional affects of that), plan for Qatar and a myriad of other things. The modern life is very complicated - we love forms and protocols and details. Henry David Thoreau told us the life is frittered away by (or in?) details and he was spot on (again). It's also interesting to see how little you actually need (one suitcase each).

We have managed it though. One week to get organised would have been impossible, but two weeks has been merely difficult. We are nearly ready to go. We depart New Zealand at 6.45pm on the 2nd of December (Wednesday) and fly to Sydney (1 hour 40 min wait), then Dubai, then Doha. We expect to arrive there on Thursday morning. We'll see you soon Angela!

We are now in the throes of our final farewells: A few weekends ago we visited Biddy and Sallie in the Hawkes Bay, we had a great dinner with Roger and Deirge, I finished at school on Friday (go to my re branded blog for that stuff), Keegan came down to say bye and pick up a car to use while we're away, we'll see Adam and Ross et al on the journey north to Auckland in the next few days and we'll say our goodbyes to Taranaki as well soon.
We owe lots of thanks to Michelle and Gavin - yesterday we had much needed help from them to clean up the house and pack the last of our gear in the storage unit we've rented and we're currently staying with them for a few days until we depart. They've been terrific!
I probably won't have time to update the blog before we land in the Middle East so - thanks for all the support you've given via emails or Facebook messages. Next posting will be from the third sand dune from the oasis.
Love and peace - Wozza

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