Thursday, January 28, 2010

Can't you see the light in my eyes (Todd Rundgren)

The presentations have continued from our teams at Regency Halls (see last post for details). Before I get into some more photos of the action here I am with an awesome bunch of Qatari leaders, aka The Honey Bees (formerly known as The Killer Bees) - left to right - Mohammed, Mohammed Rida, Kalfan giving the thumbs up, me in Beatle tie and Adel.

And so on to the action, beginning with Kalfan who led the presentation for the Bees

The Falcons in full flight with one our translaters - Refka from Tunisia - in the foreground.

Some of The Wolves are seen putting the finishing touches to their model of a solar powered e-caravan (or 'smart-bus') before Khalid did his presentation on behalf of his fellow Wolves (another of our translators - Reem from Iraq - is on the right, along with Dene's left ear and Karin's back).

Ka kite ano/ma'as-salaama for now - Wozza

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Warren,
Entertaining, enlightening and yes even quite insightful at times! I do enjoy taking a stroll through your life in blog and feel your loss for Jade, having experienced the same with Carly. I'd like to tell you it will get easier with time, but as you well know (especially as Jade is the last 'chick'), it really just makes the time you spend together so much more appreciated.
Sounds like you have found a new niche for your travelling self! Excellent, enjoy it to the max!
Ciao for now,