Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sugarpie, Honeybunch - you know that I love you, I can't help myself (The Four Tops)

(Warning - long sentence approaching): I'll attempt to slot this entry into the blog a few days after the 'oo titled post cos it features some random and personal thoughts on being a 'bachelor' for a week (and, I hasten to add, is prefaced by the mighty Temptations - Don't want nobody to feel sorry for me - naw I ain't askin' for no charity).

First up - I don't like it (the being alone bit) and, (second warning coming), I will be wallowing in self-pity for a while yet. Hey - I'm entitled. I've got two more bachelor weeks to suffer through before Jacky flies back.

With all that in mind - here's Eric Carmen with the theme tune.

The main problem is the empty-pit-of-the-stomach feeling that comes when I realise no one is there when I get home. Clearly my chi is not flowing freely. It has always been this way.

When Adam and Jacky returned home when we were in the UK, Jade and I were hopeless. When I went into Samantha's room in Stratford after she left to go to university I felt it intensely. When Keegan moved out to go flatting? Same thing. When I left Jacky and Jade at the Doha airport a week ago - you know it came creeping back in as I walked away.

Each night I return to the apartment and no Jacky - that feeling is immediately there. And now everytime I go into Jade's empty bedroom here, it sneaks up on me as well. I did warn you about the self-pity thing right?

I think I know why. It's about balance. That chi thing. The natural order in my life is thrown when those key events have happened.

Here's David Gray to conclude my wallow. Everytime I play his albums I get a melancholy 'missing England' feeling so I've been listening to him a lot of late. I could play anything but here's Flame Turns Blue.

Love peace and here's to a return of chi (make mine milk and one sugar please)-Wozza

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