Monday, January 11, 2010

Tonight we'll meet at the dark end of the street, you and me.

Day 5 w. J. (feels like longer!!) and it's about time I wrote about Coronation Street isn't it. Not sure how it's taken me so long. My proud obsession with Corrie is well known and I was a tad worried before coming here that I'd have to go without the best damn programme in the world for a while.

Orbit/Showtime has come to my rescue. As soon as we arrived we decided that we needed the 5 billion channels that O/S provides (I think it's about 500 or so with about 300 being in Arabic). Imagine my delight to discover 5 of the 200 were Sports channels (all the UK football, NFL, sevens etc etc) and Coronation Street was on five nights (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed) a week on a Showseries channel.

From what I can work out it's about 4 weeks behind Britain (in early December an episode centred on Guy Faukes' night). This, of course, is HUGELY improved on New Zealand's pathetic 18 months behind effort. This has meant some readjustment as new characters (who IS that guy with Gail Platt now? Where'd he come from?) and new relationships have emerged (Steve McDonald and Becky from Roy's Rolls fame takes a bit of getting used to).

I'm pleased to say the writing is still top notch. A recent episode with Roy, Hailey, Becky and Tony Gordon had us all spellbound (I won't spoil the fun for NZers with plot exposition). I know that sounds daft if you're not a fan but it really was superb writing and acting. Trust me.

And if you haven't started yet - it's never too late to join us int snug for a milk stout (boy - that dates me!).

Love and peace - Wozza


Keegan said...

It's annoying to me that I can't expound on the virtues of JCVD/Seagal et al whilst doggedly insisting that watching Coronation St is one of the very worst ways to spend ones time.

Nice camel riding photo.

The Purdzilla Show said...

I don't get your on-going fascination with the muscles from Brussels and Mr pony tail. Sure the Under Seiges were great but it's been diminishing returns ever since. And I can't think of one Van Damme movie I've lost myself in (Universal Soldier maybe). Corrie however has been consistently amazing for years. I guess one man's ceiling is another man's floor as Paul Simon tells us. Expound away though - I'm interested!