Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anyone for tennis, wouldn't that be nice? (Cream)

First up a correction - it's been pointed out to me by Ross and P.J. that the Lamborghini I took pictures of is, in fact, NOT a Lamborghini - it's a Swedish variation - called a Koenigsegg. It did say that on the specs, but being ignorant of cars meant I believed a friend when he told me it was a Lamborghini. Sorry 'bout that chief!

Jacky and Jade are back in NZ as I write (they landed about an hour ago). Jade is getting set to go to Victoria University after a belated new year's celebration with her friends, and Jacky will return to Doha after a few weeks of NZ summer. I miss them already! I hate that empty feeling I get in my stomach whenever things like this happen. I'm not a fan of living alone. That's only happened once in my life - when going to Auckland Secondary Teachers' College in 1982 - and I didn't like it much. Apart from that I've always had people around me in the house so it's strange to be on my own. It's not quiet though! The Purdy Pod (see is working overtime!

Yesterday was action packed = an early hours visit to the airport to see off Jacky/Jade, work and then some tennis. I went with some work colleagues, now friends (Dene and his family visiting from Australia are pictured, and Colin and Di)

to see some of the Qatar Open last night and, as luck would have it, Federer was playing when we arrived. Then straight after him, Nadal had a match!! This cost me 50 Qatari Riyal (about 17 NZ dollars!). Jade won't be impressed that I fluked both of these guys. Sorry 'bout that Jade ("we're living in a society people").

Both won easily but Nadal was more impressive - just amazing power, while Federer is like a Swiss watch. Here are the pics!

Federer's Russian opponent

Federer serving
Federer wins!
Nadal and Italian opponent. Note the camera - swoops all over the place!

Nadal in action
Nadal's Italian opponent
Nadal serves

More soon (Inshallah) - Love and peace - Wozza

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