Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clouds of myst'ry pourin' confusion on the ground (Creedence Clearwater Revival)

My the weather has been atrocious of late. Storms with rain and wind have us hunkered down inside the homestead. I ventured out two days ago and cut down a barbary hedge. Felt good to be out in the rain (the opposite to the America classic - Horse With No Name).

So that means reading, listening to music and watching TV. Latest book is a Lee Child actioner called Tripwire. Ross recommended the writer and they are perfect novels for rainy Stratford days.

Music - I'm making a determined bid to listen only to stuff procured in Doha at the moment. Should be finished around 2012. Current favs are prog metallers Pendragon, Isis, IO Earth, and Riverside.

And TV - well Jacky and I are hooked on The Unit. I bought season 1 in Doha and season 2 in Palmerston North while Jacky roadtested a horse. Excellent stuff. Now hunting down seasons 3 and 4!

I have to continue my Lost in Space-a-thon alone though. I'm currently up to episode 20 of season 2. This season is in colour - something we never had in NZ until the mid seventies. None of the episodes ring any bells though. Maybe NZ only ever got season 1 which was more adventure based than season 2.

I'm hugely enjoying the experience. The humour of season 2 is a standout. The interactions between the robot and Dr Smith are hilarious. The writers really went out on a limb and gave the robot the best lines and camped up Dr Smith. The rest of the cast made little progress acting wise from season 1. The only non cardboard cutout is Will and maybe Penny. The rest are reduced to guest stars in their own series and support for the Will/Dr Smith driven plots. I guess the writers went with their strengths or perceived strengths of the time. A shame though as the sci-fi story lines of season 1 were a standout.

I find myself interested in what happened to the cast after their three seasons in the sixties on this classic show and did a bit of lazy wikipedia research.

Jonathon Harris (Never fear - Smith is here) died in 2003. Guy Williams played the father and died in 1989. Billy Mumy played Will and is an excellent musician still. He continued to act after LIS. So did Marta Kristen (Judy) and Angela Cartwright (Penny). She is also a photographer of some ability. her blog is worth a look! Here she is as Penny and now.

The mother of the Robinson clan was played by June Lockhart. She has continued to appear in a lot of TV shows and movies.

That leaves only Mark Goddard (Major Don West) who has of late gained a masters degree in education according to wikipedia!

A lot of the original cast appeared in the remake movie - worth a look in itself!

Okay - time for another episode. Ka kite ano.

Love and peace - Wozza

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