Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The water shone like diamonds in the dew (Neil Young)

I've finally finished the Millennium trilogy that I started way back when Sallie lent me a copy of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Since then I have bought and watched the first two movies of the series and have read a number of other things - mainly a slew of music magazines from the UK: Uncut special on The Rolling Stones; Mojo special on Frank Zappa; various copies of Rolling Stone and Mojo. I love music magazines.

I also loved the Millennium trilogy. Stig Larsen wrote with a breathtaking technique - he's so easy to read and the plots unfold in unlikely ways. The ending to the whole series is spectacular.

I read the second and third volumes on my ereader and I'm now very comfortable with the format. I have downloaded a few titles onto my ipad but this pesky bookshop in the Dubai mall has changed my plans for total ereader action.

It's a humungous bookstore - maybe the world's biggest. Called the KINOKUNIYA bookstore (from Singapore). It is a massive 68,000 square feet with more than a half million books and a thousand magazines in English; Arabic; Japanese; French; German and Chinese at any given time. It is stunning and shines like diamonds in the dew!!

I took Adam in for a browse and we were both in there for 90 minutes without moving from the music section. I bought some excellent titles on Zappa, Beatles, Lennon, classic rock, Woody Allen and Woodstock and left behind an equal number of must haves for my next visit. Only trouble is that they are heavy. The download books weigh nothing!

Believe I'll tackle the Zappa bio first.

Love and peace - Abu Keegan bin Graham.

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