Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I can't live without the rain that's falling on my head (Status Quo)

We had some dramatic weather last week! Shock horror. Normally it is groundhog day in the desert - which means very hot, very dry (very low humidity) and hazy skies.

We have noticed a temperature change over the last week though. We are now able to go out walking at night without sweat poring off us for one thing.

Shortly after lunch one day last week I peaked outside and noticed some drops of rain. We've experienced about three days since November last year where we have a few spots and then nothing. But last week there was a loudish peal of thunder and then the wind dramatically picked up. Within five minutes we had torrential rain and 40 kph wind.

Given that this extreme weather (for here) is so rare there are no provisions made for it. Surface flooding and uprooted trees were the order of the day. Our bedroom windows couldn't cope with the degree of rain either so we had leakage onto the floor which Jacky attended to (she's a trooper).

I read in the news the next day that this was localised to Al Ain but it was only in the Al Jimi area of the town (where we are now) that had the worst of it.

Jacky and I watched the local kids for a while - they all came out of their houses (that were surely getting leaks) and came into the street to play in the puddles. Because it was seista time they were still in their pjs.

They had great fun splashing around and then getting their bikes out to ride in the water. The pictures of the kids were taken from our spare room and the rest were from our bedroom or the balcony looking onto Khaled Ibn Al Waleed St.

Love and peace - Wozza

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