Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My soul slides away but don't look back in anger (Oasis)

We have returned safely from the frozen tundra like conditions in Nu Zild and once again we have embraced the warmth of sand land. It was so nice to emerge from Dubai airport at 5am yesterday morning to 39 degrees.

It was a really epic journey from Waipukarau to Napier airport (an hour's drive and grateful thanks to Sallie); a bumpy hour flight to Auckland; a 3.5 hour flight to Melbourne; a bumpy 13.5 hour flight to Dubai; a short taxi ride from Dubai airport to where our car was parked at the Park Regis Hotel for the week away; and finally a 1.5 hour drive back to Al Ain. I shaved and showered and got to school before 9am. Pretty good really.

I lasted to about 1.30pm and then made my way home for a sleep. It turned into a 13 hour catch up because I can't sleep on the plane and it was often so cold at night in Waipukarau that my sleep patterns were fitful there as well.

The whole epic journey was worth it to see the girls alone but we also caught up with Ross/Lynda/Hayden at Auckland Airport and in Waipukarau - Tim and Pam (lovely meal Pam - thanks) and Sallie, talked to the boys, met Jade's new special friend Cameron, played with Bazil and I even managed some retail explorations to CD emporiums like JB HiFi.

The photos were taken at Jade's flat in Palmerston North on a lovely sunny spring afternoon. Our only regret was that Keegan and Adam weren't there for a group pose.

Anyway enough of my own travelogue. I watched a great movie called The Trip during the flight home to the UAE (although it may be a TV show - not sure). It's a mockumentary (I think) starring Steven Coogan and Rob Brydon. I especially love Rob Brydon's humour and his man in a box routine is a scream. The film has the flimsy plot of a northern excursion to sample food for a magazine article. Steve's girlfriend doesn't want to go so he reluctantly invites Rob along. Their dinner conversation is hilarious and the vocal impressions of Michael Caine et al are brilliant. Catch it if you can. The other bit that had me in hysterics was the 'we rise at daybreak' routine.

Love and peace - Wozza

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