Sunday, January 1, 2012

Love, devotion and surrender (Carlos Santana/John McLaughlin)

Here I am getting ready to return to the sandpit for Trimester Two; a little browner, a little more alcohol fuelled and a little more full of Christmas cheer and pudding than when we arrived in Nu Zild in late December!

It's been hectic with either too much happening to blog or else we were without the interweb. But before the return we need a catch up, don't we?.

But where to start?

Pat and Randy's wedding? A definite highlight.

Sitting on the deck of our new house, admiring the view and loving the serenity?

Jacky's first ride on Zen with a huge smile?

Christmas on Waiheke? Relaxing in the sun under poetic Pohutakawa tree blooms?

I'll get to them all but the place to start is to ask, he aha te mea nui? (What is the most important thing?). Easy - He tangata. He tangata. He tangata (it is people, it is people, it is people).

It was so so great to see the chuldrin again fer a while - no longer chuldrin anymore though - independent adults with their own responsibilities, hopes and dreams.

We Skyped Fanfa and Jesse on Haight St., San Francisco on our Christmas day, spent a day with Keegan in Auckland and had Adam and Jade with us on Waiheke Island for a day. Magic.

I was also able to catch up with an old buddy before Christmas. It was fantastic having a laugh and a coffee with Greg at the Viaduct Basin.

Unfortunately other friends were away for Christmas or busy with their own families. In honour of absent friends I visited an old haunt - the Queen's Arcade in Queen St. - specifically the Marbecks corner of the arcade and my very own happy place.

Christmas day was family time as it should be. The planned for summit between the O'Neills and Purdys took place at Brian's place on Waiheke. A merry Christmas was had by all!

To all the whanau - Happy New Year!!

Love and peace - Wozza

P.S. next post catches up from Hawke's Bay and the wedding of the century!

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