Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yeah the truth is I miss you so (Coldplay)

The cold snap continues (something about weather coming from a northerly direction for a change). Abdulla at school showed me a snow covered street scene taken by his friend in Jordan. Feels like the wind is coming from that exact Jordanian street!

There was also a snow alert for the northern Emirates during the week.

Ya what? Snow in the UAE? Apparently.

And my heaters continue to blaze away.

I do need to add a slight coda to my heater story (previous post).

I got the heaters home and assembled them without a problem but then I went to plug them in and noticed they were of the two prong variety. Grrrrr. Not good as they are a safety issue! I read in the National recently that all two pronged plugs have to come fitted with a safety adapter from next year.

My ggrrrr was also because I had no spare adapters (did I mention that it was freaking cold??). I cruised around the apartment and stole one from the washing machine and one from the kitchen.

Sorted. I plugged the oil heater into the lounge power box and the convection heater into the bedroom wall socket.

At last I thought - it'll warm up soon!

The oil heater chugged into gear nicely but a strange odour started to waft through the bedroom. Hmmm I thought - probably just because it's new and it'll gradually disappear. I turned the heater up higher figuring I'd burn off the newness smell quickly.

EEEEERRR! Wrong. It got worse, much worse, and it dawned on me, finally, that it had an electrical kind of flavour to it.

I turned it off and went to pull the adapter plug from the wall. It took some force to accomplish - mainly coz the plug was fried and all black and nasty looking - hence the smell.


I had no other adapter plugs so I toddled off to the Al Jimi Carrefour to buy two more.

I related this story to the lovely lady shop assistant and asked the lovely lady shop assistant for some heavy duty adapter plugs. She directed me to the wall behind where I was standing (DOH) and told me to get some from the highest shelf possible because the quality descended (with the price) all the way down the wall until the lowerest shelf of all.

Guess which adapters were the cheapest and nastiest? Got it - the one's I had been using at home!

Sorted. I returned home and the heaters have been splendidly and safely employed ever since.

Warm love and peace - Wozza

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