Sunday, February 26, 2012

You're the only one I love and you can't change that (Raydio)

Wow - what a weekend!

Ipod dock for the ppod? Check. Earphones for the ppod? Check. Nail new guitar rhythms? Check. Bake a carrot cake? Check.

Eh? Ya wot? Bake a carrot cake???????

Well yes actually. On Saturday February 25, I not only managed to cook a cake but I was also able to eat it!

Now the kids are reading this - shaking their heads and saying - nah - never happened.

While the rest of the blogosphere will be stifling a yawn and thinking what's the big deal? - he baked a cake. Yeah - got that.

But the blogosphere doesn't know how useless I am in a kitchen. Mainly because I don't care about food really - it serves a purpose but I don't care about it. I'm no foodie, that's fer sure. I generally get by with omlets, baked beans, pasta. sardines on toast and filled rolls. All fast to prepare, limited fuss meals. Cooking a stirfry was alien territory a few weeks ago and I've plain and simple never even attempted to bake a cake before. Ever.

I know, I know. It boogles the mind but there you go. That's the truth Ruth. Hence the kids being open mouthed - no way did he cook a cake. But I did!

Of course, if I'm honest, it was not an entirely error free process. In fact it took me two attempts. The first was fine up to the oven bit. All the components (a.k.a. ingredients) are inside the pack from the foodmarket, I just needed to add eggs and some vegetable oil and then mix it all together, put into a dish and pop into the oven. What could go wrong?

Rookie mistakes is what.

The dish was narrow and tall fer a start and I guessed the 350F to Celsius ratio wrongly as it turned out. The cake was burnt on top but raw in the middle. Clever huh?

So I went back to LuLu's supermarket for another packet of ingredients and started again. This time with a broader, shorter baking dish and I checked on line for the correct temperature. Smart!

This time - success. I can't believe how nice it tastes. This is the first time I have ever been able to eat some baking that I have cooked.

I was on such a roll (as it were) that I made a spectacular stirfry as well.

Love and peace - Cordon Wozza

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