Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He's the master of going faster (George Harrison)

I was very sad to hear about the death of Jason Richards a few days ago. He died last year from cancer but I had no idea.

I was watching a Eurosports News programme as I do every morning before heading off to work and they alluded to his death. I found it hard to believe.

Something deeply weird happens inside when a student I've taught dies (sadly it's happened too many times).

I taught Jason at Waimea College and he was a lovely lovey guy. Everybody loved him - truely! The staff all thought he was great, he had a huge circle of friends and he was a natural born leader who had a dream.

His dream was to race cars, to go faster. And there was nothing going to stop him because he just knew he would.

I have a farewell card at home in my collection from when I left Waimea College in 1994 that has a lovely message from Jason in it. He was a very special guy. Although he died at an early age (35) he got to live out his dreams and that grin will always be a part of so many people's memories.

Love and peace Jason - Wozza

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