Thursday, March 1, 2012

You're an idiot babe (Blind Boy Grunt)

I'm currently watching hilarious episodes of An Idiot Abroad.

It is a TV show from the fevered minds of Ricky Jervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington. The idea - send Karl off to see the seven new wonders of the world and just film his trials and tribulations (which are often set up by Jervais/Merchant). Simple huh! Genius more like.

Karl Pilkington is a terrific entertainer and he has an interesting take on the world but he's an idiot alright.

A taxi driver in Mexico chats to Karl about Karl's girlfriend (the long suffering Suzanne). He asks Karl if she has a nice body. Karl says, "She used to have".

What an idiot!!!!

So much so that it got me wondering whether Suzanne actually exists. In this interweb world it is certainly weird that there doesn't appear to be any conclusive picture of her anywhere (a cartoon one doesn't count!). I'm pretty sure, therefore, that she's an imaginary comic foil device.

For instance in the show I've just watched with Karl in Mexico he supposedly takes a call from Suzanne just as he is marvelling at the wonder of Chichen Itza. She wants Karl to tell her how to operate the DVD!! Great comic moment!

Anyway the show is hilarious because Karl is such a fish out of water. Here's a teaser.

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