Sunday, June 23, 2013

Always, no sometimes, think it's me, but you know I know when it's a dream (The Fabs)

The facts:
  • I bought the John Lennon Letters book a few months ago and started reading it recently.
  • I often use lines from John Lennon songs as updates on my Facebook page. Tim wrote back recently with some thought provoking statements that I feel compelled to build on.
  • The Beatles and JOL are never far from my thoughts - they and he are everywhere (maan).

This post.

Tim's thoughts:

"Sometimes music can do for you what nothing else can, and give you real inner peace. Strawberry Fields and Mr Tambourine Man both reach far inside you and still the turbulent waters like nothing else can. These were troubled men who found the kernel of soothing calm within themselves".

The opinions:

I am obsessed, infatuated and constantly amazed by the things John Lennon touched. I have an obsessive need to hear everything he's played on, everything he's written, everything he's sprinkled his particular stardust on (it's a big list). So I for one welcome a collection of his shopping lists, thank you letters and all the rest of the stuff he wrote with no thought that it would one day be compiled.

The John Lennon Letters is an amazing compendium of the man's thoughts. He existed in a typewriter world - no texts, emails, Facebook, pins, tweets or ithings. He would have embraced them all! One volume would have been 20 if he'd lived into this mad world we have now.

He loved communicating and he was jolly good at it. The reproductions of the actual letters and notes make him curiously accessible. Yes the messages are sometimes banal and trite and dashed off but so what? By being banal and trite and dashed off they allow me a glimpse into his world which is, shock horror probe - drum roll please, the same as everybody else's.

Tim's spot on with his message too - music can lift me to another level of existence (you should have seen me dancing and smiling along to stuff being played incredibly loudly in the ART room today). In the midst of this maelstrom of Pelican noise I found an immense area of soothing calm.

SWMBO was out, which explains why I was belting out Pelican.

Love and peace - Wozza

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