Monday, January 6, 2014

You know I love you so, baby please don't go (Lightnin' Hopkins)

You know I love our family heirloom.

As an heirloom it can be traced back, at the very least, to my great grandfather, William Nugent Purdy (notice how my initials and his are the same, I love that). Like his ancestors and his sons he was a master plasterer.

The heirloom is a concrete mixer and it still makes concrete like a dream.

It's been residing in Taupo for some years - it was used by Ross at his Mt Roskill house and in Taupo by dad before being stored at Ross' new Taupo place.

Many people have borrowed and used it over the years and it's gone through a number of parts and motors but it still makes the same unmistakable wonderful rumble.
Me and my grandad (aka
Deedoo)  in the back-
ground - I'm showing him
how it's done!

I must have cement/concrete/plaster in my veins. One of my early photos shows me working with Deedoo to build our first house (Korma Ave in Royal Oak) - I was 2. 

The family story goes that I would take my little wheelbarrow up to the mixer and say, "More kroncrete Deedoo".

When I was 15 I mixed the mortar for Deedoo who was helping with the brick work on our second home at Ramelton Road in Mt Roskill.

40 years later here I am mixing more concrete to provide solid footings for a tractor shed.

Man I love that concrete mixer!

Love and peace - Wozza

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