Friday, January 24, 2014

You find yourself just standing there (Neal Morse)

It was a busy old week just past. 

It had it all really: joy/sadness, lack of excitement/excitement, new/old, hot/cold, craziness/normality, visits/visiting, and all sorts of other yin/yangishness.

See if you can match the above to the following:

  • Ross and Lynda and the troops arrived for a look around Red Phoenix Farm.
  • Adam sent us a picture of snow at Ashleigh's place.
  • We shot over to New Plymouth to move Brain (sic), a.k.a. the minister of defence, into his new house.
  • I snatched a few precious minutes to zap into Vinyl Countdown on the way out of NP to buy Blackfield IV and a Beatles poster for my classroom.
  • SWMBO and I had to administer to a fly blown sheep and I had to bury a lamb that died of some mysterious bug.
  • The first day of the new school year happened on Friday.
  • SWMBO and I had to wrap up warm in New Plymouth during Brain's move.
  • We quickly stopped in to see Jacky/MaBelle's mum on the way out of NP.
  • We quickly met Jade in Palmerston North on our way home - she's got a new job in the Mall which takes her closer to JB HiFi to pick up my orders (last one was Big Big Train - great proggy rock stuff).
  • Otane was sweltering on our return on Thursday.
  • Samantha and Jesse sent us a fantastic thank you letter. Yes - letter. Awesome guys!
Just a regular old week upon reflection!

Sadly (that gives it away) I have to report that we also lost Waffles, our perfect little cat, during the week

He dropped off a present on Tuesday morning (a perfectly formed tiny little mouse at the back door) and then vanished. He's not returned for food or cuddles since, which is unheard of from Waffles.

We've searched everywhere, rung all the neighbours, looked around the roadsides, made sure he's not locked into any outbuildings, contacted the authorities - all to no avail so far. We haven't given up but it's a case of expect the worst/hope for the best at this stage.

Love and peace - Wozza

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