Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm a secret agent man (Devo)

It's been a bit of a barren spell culture wise of late. No reading aside from my monthly Mojo and Prog magazines; new music hasn't amounted to much as I have been buying classic album sets (I'm generally disappointed by new music - even Ry Cooder's latest live album was shaded by Show Time - released nearly 40 years ago); haven't seen any new films of any note; TV has been dominated by Homeland, Banshee and Game Of Thrones season 3 as a precursor for Season 4 which starts this week.

Unfortunately this dearth of high brow culture has resulted in me having a run of disturbing dreams.

I'm either being continually chased by CIA men (bizarrely in the form of various whanau members) or chasing others through all sorts of terrain. 

Poor SWMBO has had to deal with my broken sleep patterns and sleepy attempts to protect myself. 

Bizarrely - I recently dreamed that Randy Buckley was a dangerous CIA agent who had chased me into a house - I went to kick the door closed behind me. Unfortunately I kicked SWMBO in my sleep.

Last night I dreamed that someone was attacking me with a huge bundle of toilet rolls (I have no idea). I went to kick the bundle out of my attacker's hands but, yep - you guessed it - I kicked SWMBO in my sleep.

Thankfully we've finished Banshee and Game Of Thrones for a bit so I need to go back to Grand Designs and leave SWMBO alone for a while.

Love and Peace - Wozza

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