Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daylight dims leaving cold fluorescence (Tool)

It's April and you know what that means don't you! Yes a new quote from my 2004 calendar: 'Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises'  from Demosthenes (although it's misspelled on my calendar as Demmosthenes).

Demosthenes, renowned as a great Greek orator and statesman, was born in 384 (or 383) B.C. He died in 322.
His death was actually quite bizarre.
Demosthenes' troubles with the royal house led to his death. When Alexander insisted that the Athenian orators be delivered to him to be punished for treason, Demosthenes fled to a temple of Poseidon for sanctuary. A guard prevailed on him to come out.
Realizing he was at the end of his rope, Demosthenes requested permission to write a letter. Permission was granted; the letter was written; then Demosthenes began to walk, quill pen in his mouth, to the door of the temple. He died before he reached it, of a poison he'd kept in his pen.
His most famous quotes include this pearler - “All speech is vain and empty unless it be accompanied by action.” 

Either quote was entirely appropriate in 2004 as I set about planning the family's migration to England by flying there for a three week job hunting exercise that ultimately led to a job at King John School in Essex.

We've had Keegan and Jade staying with us for a few days. We had some amazing discussions. Some of them were over just these things - small opportunities that potentially lead to something great.

Keegan was amazed at the stars in the night sky. It's an example of something we take for granted living on Red Phoenix Farm in the middle of Central Hawke's Bay. He's right too - the night sky is amazingly clear lately - crisp nights and lengthening shadows and the end of daylight saving this coming weekend herald winter's approach.

Excellent! Jade and Keegan and I enjoy the darker days! SWMBO hates winter!

Love and peace - Wozza

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