Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We're space truckin' 'round the stars (Deep Purple)

Nurse Jade 
Time for a round up of whanau news - I'm sure the whole whanau will want to congratulate Jade on her successful interview for her first professional job as a nurse.

Jade's shown true grit by persevering after not getting a job last year when she interviewed at Tauranga Hospital. Grandad would have been so proud!

New nursing graduates can apply for four locations. They then wait to see if they've gained an interview. If they miss out as Jade did last year they get a second chance six months later to apply again. If that doesn't do the trick they are in deep manure.

NZ nursing is in a crazy over supply situation where there are too many graduates for too few jobs. Ironically there is a great demand in the hospitals but government budget restrictions result in a bottleneck situation where many new nurses are being forced to travel overseas to gain jobs and experience.

Adam with young fans on his last day with them.
Jade had her interview for Palmerston North Hospital a few months ago and then we have waited and waited for July 16 to roll around (all nursing applicants for the new grad programme are advised on the same day).

We travelled down to Palmerston North yesterday to hopefully celebrate or sadly console Jade. As we got out of Dannevirke Jade phoned us with the great news that she was one of the lucky ones!!

Fanfa (second left) with sensible co workers
It was a giant phew/yahoo moment in our lives. Great to know that it pays off when you go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Other whanau news: Adam and Ashleigh come home next month after a couple of years teaching in Japan. They'll set up camp in Auckland for a bit before figuring out what to do next in their great adventure together.

Fanfa has been hard at work on film production in San Francisco while also doing her video editing for common sense media

Common Sense Media is a San Francisco based non-profit organization that advocates on child and family issues, and studies the effects that media and technology have on young users. It has great reviews (which Samantha edits), I use it a lot in my classroom when advising my students on suitable movies for close viewing and wide reading.

Keegan is also involved in editing at Mediaworks in Auckland and is patiently awaiting Diya's return from China. Sadly Diya's father died recently. Diya flew back to be with her dad and now is helping her mum adjust to things. Diya returns at the end of August. Kia Kaha.

Love and peace - Wozza

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