Friday, July 4, 2014

If you can dream it, you can do it (Walt Disney)

It's a July morning and the quote this month is a much used one from Walt Disney.

Only problem is Walt didn't say it.

One of his original imagineers (yes - that appears to be a real job), Tom Fitzgerald, wrote it but it's been attributed to Walt ever since.

It has made me wonder though what Walt's dream was. Was it to create the happiest place on Earth? Was it to influence billions of humans? Or was it simply to make a mouse, originally named Mortimer, an icon for generations?

Who knows.

A search of the interweb hasn't helped beyond telling me that he kind of fell into animation following a love of art. Seems he was more interested in trains and joining the army.

It appears on the surface that Walt was not particularly driven by dreams of anything grandiose.

I do like the quote - even though it's nonsensical really. There are plenty of things that you can dream but they are impossible. Unless you're Superman you can forget having x ray vision folks. 

Nonetheless, without dreams we're all in a lot of trouble. Sometimes it's a case of beware what you wish for, but generally the human condition is an evolving, searching one; never satisfied, we're always aiming to move forward, like a shark.

I think the older we get the more risk averse we get, so this quote is a good one to keep reminding ourselves that we can do some great things in our lives. We just need to keep dreaming of possibilities.

I like it.

Love and peace - Wozzinho

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